Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Blue Porter Weed - 2

A closer crop of the Blue Porter Weed.

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Blue Porter Weed - 1

This picture shows a full view of the Blue Porter Weed found commonly in our scrub forests. Though a weed in other countries, it's a native to India and grows naturally here. This is getting slowly replaced by other invasive true weeds like Eupatorium and Parthenium.

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The Bougainvillea

The Bougainvillea is well known to all of us. This is an early morning shot taken in Cubbon Park.

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Jewel in the Thorn

The cactus I could not identify and would be grateful if someone can ID this for me. This is a very common type that comes to flower in the summer and has long stamens. This is a bud and the fruit is very tasty, when the thorns are removed. The green of the cactus provides an ideal contrast for the brightly colored flower. A 'Jewel in the thorn' indeed.

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The Purple Wreath

The Purple Wreath is a very attractive garden plant, found usually on the arch of a gate. The flowers are arranged in a foot long raceme. The flowers last only a couple of days, but the lighter colored calices remain much longer - turning gray before they fall. The calice can be twirled in air to get a helicopter rotor kind of an effect.

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