Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This guy was almost our pet at home :) He'd be there everyday on our walls catching insects, with special favorite being the pesky cockroaches. This guy was able to devour even the biggest of them, being 8-10 inches long. He'd also defaecate only in one place, right below the shower in our bathroom. Talk about toilet training! Don't see him around much nowadays - but a slightly smaller one (about 6 inches long) is now a regular. Miss him for all the cockroaches that he'd get rid of and for being such a nice gentleman! Don't know the species for certain. Will add it up once I find out.
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Giant Wood Spider

This is a Giant Wood Spider (Nephila maculata) found usually during the end of the year monsoons in Bangalore outskirts. This one was shot at Valley School, against the light. This is one of the two types that occurs in Bangalore. The other one being the black and red Nephla kuhli. The two tiny spiders, in the frame towards the top-left and between the last two legs on the right, are the males of this species. Talk about size difference! The female also promptly eats-up the male after intercourse!

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